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About the Milledgeville Housing Authority


The Public Housing program was created in 1937 to provide decent, safe and sanitary housing for America's working poor. Since that time, the program as been expanded to include housing of the elderly, handicapped or disable, and other eligible families of limited means, whose income is derived from other sources.

Public housing depends on federal funding to survive. This funding appears in the federal Budget in three line categories. (1) Operating Subsidy (2) Modernization, and (3) Development or Major Reconstruction.

Each Housing Authority operates within its own budget comprised of a combination of Federal subsidy, rents, and investments and other income generated by the Housing Authority. The need for operation subsidy is based on Congress's decision in 1968 to limit residents rent to a percentage of income. This decision came at the same time that resident income was on the decrease nation wide. The 1981 Housing and Community Development amendments further increased Public Housing Authorities reliance on operating subsidy by targeting of Public Housing to the poorest of eligible families. No Authority likes to rely on subsidy for survival and seeks other means to increase its revenue, and decrease its expenditures without cutting services to residents. As rental revenues and investment income grows, the need for subsidy decreases.

Capital Improvements- The PIH Office of Capital Improvements administers the Capital Fund. The Capital Fund provides funds, annually, to Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) for the development, financing, and modernization of public housing developments and for management improvements.

The Milledgeville Housing Authority was organized in 1957. Six Commissioners were appointed to the Housing Authority Board by the Mayor. The Commissioners created and adopted policies, adopt and approved budgetary expenditures, and implemented regulations as required by federal law.

Currently The Housing Authority has six appointed Commissioners

Dr. Deborah Arnold, Chair

Carrie Jarrett, Vice Chair

Lyn Chandler, Commissioner

Robert C. Binion, Commissioner

Jacqueline Larkin, Resident Commissioner

Owen Pittman, Commissioner

The Housing Authority operates 320 units of low-moderate income housing within the city limits of Milledgeville, Georgia. The Authority has partnered with the City of Milledgeville in their fight against crime, which allows for one police officers to be dedicated to the housing authority communities.

The Milledgeville Housing Authority developed a partnership with Central Georgia Technical College Adult Education Program (CGTC AEP) to serve as a resource for our residents and to discuss continued educational opportunities. We take advantage of each other’s expertise and capabilities to address the educational needs of our residents, including out of school youth and adults. We have expanded this partnership to include on-site GED classes in one of our buildings. Our goal is to establish and advance a strategic alliance toward building a more literate and productive community. We also have the Baldwin County VISTAs in connection with our CGTC partnership who provide life skills training, computer training, and additional Adult Educational Programs to our residents. They also manage our onsite clothing bank.

The Milledgeville Housing Authority developed a partnership with Baldwin Family Connection. The goal of this program is to raise achievement and educational aspirations for our students in grades 3 through 12 as well as their adult family members. Their goal is also to raise graduation rate, to nurture and aspire curiosity, and to realize deeper levels of literacy. They provide homework assistance, tutorial support, creative self-expressions and recreational activities.

The Milledgeville Housing Authority has developed a Partnership with “Help A Child Smile” to provide comprehensive oral health care to our youth semi-annual. Help A Child Smile sets up onsite to ensure the availability of care to our communities.

The Milledgeville Housing Authority also developed a Partnership with the Baldwin County School Nutrition Department to provide our children ages 18 and younger with free, nutritious meals and snacks daily during the summer. We established a meal site within two of our communities for this program. 

The Milledgeville Housing Authority also developed a partnership with the High Achievers Program, which is a division of our local university, Georgia College & State University to establish a six week Summer Camp for our youth in two of our communities. The goal of the program is to develop civically engaged youth with the ability and knowledge to be effective leaders to younger peers and to be ambassadors and change agents for positive youth development. We were also excited to incorporate Fair Housing as one of the learning activities of this camp. We had two of our youth to present a poster and explain what Fair Housing meant to them at the closing ceremony. This was the first of many Summer Camps that MHA hopes to have. We also combined the Summer Food Program with our Summer Camp to ensure that all of our children benefited from the nutritious meals and snacks provided at both our sites.