NOTICE – Milledgeville Housing Authority Board of Commissioners Called Meeting Full Notice

Future’s Bright

Future’s Bright (FB) is a non-profit affiliate of the Milledgeville Housing Authority. Our mission is to enhance the lives of city of Milledgeville residents through community-based problem solving and neighborhood-oriented strategies that promote self-reliance and self-sufficiency. FB’s overarching goal is to help families become more stable in various areas of their lives where they are having difficulty accessing or affording the support they need to be successful.
Future’s Bright offers community-based social services and enrichment programs that enhance the lives and economic vitality of city of Milledgeville residents across the life span – including children, adults, and senior citizens. Services focus on human development programs to enhance lives and underpin the economic stability, health, and wellbeing of Housing Authority residents and low-income families and seniors in the city of Milledgeville.